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Paediatric IR Task Force

Paediatric interventional radiology (PIR) is an increasingly important field in modern IR practice, based on the benefits that IR procedures can offer even to the youngest patients. Despite the increasing recognition of PIR and the development of a few European centres of excellence, PIR remains an unmet need in many regions, and it is often not clear who is delivering PIR across Europe, and to what extent.

The CIRSE Executive Board established the Paediatric IR Task Force in December 2022 as an expert group that should shed light on PIR practice in Europe by investigating the current landscape in terms of who is delivering PIR in Europe and which procedures are offered, and by creating the CIRSE’s Paediatric IR network to help improve the care for children. Ultimately, these efforts should become the base for future referrals, cooperations and joint projects, and drive clinical excellence in PIR.

Work meeting of the PIR Task Force at CIRSE 2023

As a first project, the task force has conducted a survey among CIRSE members to better understand how much PIR is being performed in Europe and around the globe, as currently, much of this work is poorly defined and under recognized. There may be many members doing a small volume of IR in children who would like to be in contact with others in this field for support and advice. There may also be some regions of the world with significant unmet needs in paediatrics where PIR could be developed. The survey aims to identify centres with experience in PIR and to better understand where PIR could be developed. More details will be available soon.

The task force members are also very actively contributing educational and scientific content at CIRSE’s congresses. Peruse the CIRSE Library for the most recent sessions on paediatric interventional radiology, or browse the topic package on PIR and the corresponding sessions at CIRSE 2023.

Task force members

Alex BarnacleCo-chairperson
Ralph GnanntCo-chairperson
Fernando Gomez
Stephanie Franchi-Abella
Premal Patel
Moritz Wildgruber
Alexia Dabadie