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Thyroid Ablation Task Force

Image-guided thermal ablations are increasingly used in the treatment of symptomatic benign thyroid nodules, and in selected cases of thyroid malignancy. Even though these techniques were introduced more than ten years ago, they have only recently been included in guidelines regarding the management of thyroid nodules. In particular, the application of image-guided thermal ablations to the thyroid differs among centres and countries.

Recognizing the increasing importance of thyroid ablation in IR, the CIRSE Executive Board established the Thyroid Ablation Task Force in September 2023 and appointed Giovanni Mauri as its chairperson.

Under his leadership, a CIRSE member survey on thyroid ablation was conducted and the results were presented in the manuscript Present Status of Thyroid Ablation in Europe: An International Survey among the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) Members, published in CVIR in 2022.

A webinar on minimally invasive treatments in malignant thyroid lesions as well as one on US-guided thermal ablations of benign thyroid nodules were organised, a first ESIR course on this important topic was held at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan in October 2023 and a second one is scheduled for 2024, both hosted by Giovanni Mauri and Franco Orsi.

Thyroid Ablation Task Force Chairperson G. Mauri hosting an ESIR course in his institution

Task force members

Giovanni MauriChairperson
Roberto Luigi Cazzato
Bülent Cekic
Eduardo Crespo Vallejo
José Luis del Cura Rodríguez
Teresa Dionisio
Attila Doros
Myrsini Gkeli
Martin Takes