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Fellowship Grant Programme

CIRSE is excited to announce that the Fellowship Grant Programme will be re-launched in summer 2023!

The CIRSE Fellowship Grant Programme (FGP) allows CIRSE members to apply for a €3,000 grant to fund a one-month stay at a European centre outside their country of residence, where they can train or experience new procedures. With this programme, the CIRSE Foundation actively supports international mobility of IRs and the growth of IR across Europe. Twenty such grants will be available in the first funding cycle.

Due to varying European legislations, the one-month stay at the host centre will most likely be an observership, depending on the arrangement between candidates and hosting institutions.  More information on the programme and the application process will be provided on this page in due course. Stay tuned!

Apply to become a recommended training centre!

If you are a CIRSE member residing in Europe and would like to welcome recipients of the CIRSE Fellowship Grant Programme at your institution, you can already apply now to become a recommended training centre. All recommended training centres must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Salaried staff includes at least one EBIR holder
  • IR activities are carried out on at least five days per week
  • IRs perform regular patient consultations
  • Provide a short description of how practical teaching will be provided

Additional information can be provided on the number of EBIR and EBIR-ES holders as well as IASIOS accreditation within your institution.

We look forward to welcoming excellent IR training centres from all over Europe to this exciting initiative!


July 2023 – Call for recommended training centres

October 2023 – Call for Applications for the CIRSE Fellowship Grant Programme

December 2023 – First grants to be awarded

Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about the programme!