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Student Ambassador Programme

The CIRSE Student Ambassador Programme is CIRSE’s initiative for medical students, as it is one of the society’s primary mission to support IR’s next generation.

CIRSE invites students with a profound and proven interest in CIRSE and interventional radiology to join forces to promote interventional radiology. Students are invited to organise a presentation at their home university to introduce their fellow medical students to the CIRSE Student Programme and encourage them to register for CIRSE 2024.

Our goal is to reach out to as many universities as possible to provide their medical students with the opportunity to learn more about interventional radiology and its ever-growing portfolio of minimally invasive therapies.

Through the CIRSE Student Programme – Be inspIRed – CIRSE enables medical students to learn about interventional radiology and its applications through curated lectures, recommended hands-on device and simulation training sessions, and various social events specially designed for students. More than 2,800 medical students have taken part in the Student Programme since 2010.

What are the benefits of the Student Ambasador Programme?

  • Complementary CIRSE student membership for the year 2024
  • Fast-track registration for all CIRSE congresses
  • Special networking opportunities
  • Official CIRSE student ambassador certificate

How do I get started?

  • Attend an introductory online meeting about the CIRSE Student Ambassador Programme
  • Organise a presentation about the CIRSE Student Programme at your university (in person or online)
  • Submit a report.

Help us turn IR from being the best kept secret in modern medicine into a household name!

How to apply?

Please send us your CV and a confirmation from your university stating that you are enrolled in the undergraduate medical degree programme at [email protected].

If you have any question regarding this or other CIRSE student initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].