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Student Programme – Be inspIRed…

Be inspIRed!

The CIRSE Student Programme, which supports undergraduate medical students who are considering interventional radiology as a career, is held at the CIRSE Annual Meeting every September

Since 2010, CIRSE has supported undergraduate medical students who are considering interventional radiology as their future career.

The number of students attending the CIRSE Annual Meeting increases every year, and since the Student Programme was launched, more than 2,800 medical students have taken advantage of this great initiative.

The Student Programme – Be inspIRed – enables medical students to learn about interventional radiology and its applications through curated lectures, recommended hands-on device and simulation training sessions, and various social events specially designed for students. The Student Programme hosts a Mentoring Event, a Students on Stage session, a Students’ Quiz, and other interesting activities. What is more, undergraduate medical students can attend the CIRSE’s annual congress for free!

Finishing your studies soon…

…and thinking of taking the next steps in order to pursue your IR career? Check out the European Trainee Forum which is an European network of young IRs organising sessions and events at CIRSE Annual Meetings which are tailored exclusively for young IRs. Be inspIRed, get involved and boost your career!