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SocietyStudentsSuggested reading for medical students

Suggested reading for medical students

Browse the content below to find out more about interventional radiology, prepare for a future IR trainee programme and learn how students can get more involved in CIRSE’s various activities.

CIRSE’s student activities in a nutshell

Use this PowerPoint or PDF to share all that CIRSE has to offer medical students with your peers and community.

IR Curriculum for Medical Students

Interventional radiology (IR) is one of the most innovative medical fields, combining minimally invasive image-guided procedures for a wide spectrum of conditions with clinical involvement, resulting in optimal patient care.

Due to its innovative nature, patient-centred treatment approach and the ever-increasing applications of interventional procedures, IR has become one of the most interesting career choices for medical students. Have a look at the CIRSE’s IR Curriculum for Medical Students describing the most important procedures performed by interventional radiologists.

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